The dream of John Mario Gómez

Jhon Mario Gómez Solarte recognizes that his town, Guaitarilla, it’s a beautiful and small place in which he never imagined that an educational opportunity as the current provided by the Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios –Uniminuto– and the foundation SOLREÍR, Solidarity, Love, and Service, from the Carlos Alberto Solarte Solarte group, would appear.

For him, it is a very important change, a project that marks a before and an after: “Before, there were high schoolers who went out and didn’t have a vision, or a path charted. With the arrival of this corporation, we have the opportunity to find programs that give us and show us a series of paths that we can follow to project ourselves. “It is something that we did not expect, but that has helped us a lot during these two years” He always thought that these kinds of buildings and opportunities only appeared in larger cities, such as Pasto and Ipiales, and that he and his fellows had to stay working without the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Today he is a student from the Professional Technician in Electrical Installations for Buildings program, in the Uniminuto.

And his dream is to become a professional, someone recognized. And not for having money or for making money as a professional, he clarifies, but for the opportunity to help people, “as Mr. Carlos Solarte has done it , by giving us the opportunity to work, to become professionals, to go further. That’s my dream.” He is also sure that the university is an educational resource that future generations will take advantage of, dreamy and hardworking people; he is convinced that “those people are going to take this town forward and it will be recognized for what it really is: a freedom precursor town in America”.

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