Eliana Ceron’s dream

Her life changed when the Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios –Uniminuto – arrived in her village, the municipality of Guaitarilla, thanks to the alliance between the educational institution and the SOLREIR- Foundation, Solidarity, Love, and Service, of the Carlos Alberto Solarte Solarte group. Now, she is one of Uniminuto’s students who dream of studying languages […]

A dream called Quinoa

To learn more about the history of Quinoa in Guatarilla, we approach Don José, a farmer leader who devoted his life, body, and soul, to the planting of the food that far from his land they call for his surprise and rejoicing: the grain of gold. However, for him and other families, the famous golden […]

The dream of Iván Andrés Cerón Solarte

” My dream is to become a civil engineer. I am a grateful man with my people (Guaitarilla); I love this town so much and with my studies in civil engineering, I would like to help in the improvement of the town infrastructure so that there can be more touristic places. To be able to […]

The dream of John Mario Gómez

Jhon Mario Gómez Solarte recognizes that his town, Guaitarilla, it’s a beautiful and small place in which he never imagined that an educational opportunity as the current provided by the Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios –Uniminuto– and the foundation SOLREÍR, Solidarity, Love, and Service, from the Carlos Alberto Solarte Solarte group, would appear. For him, […]

Minuto de Dios in Guaitarilla

In a constant and vigorous struggle, with hardworking and dreamy people has become the day to day of Cristian Erazo, who has seen how, in almost two years the municipality of Guaitarilla, located in the department of Nariño, has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to a dream educational project. It is the incursion of […]

The dream of Alejandra Cerón

Alejandra Cerón graduated from school and she was not sure about studying a new career. After hearing the comments about what the program was and the meaning of studying in Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, in her municipality (Guaitarilla), she decided to enroll in the program Professional Technician in Electrical Installations for Buildings. “I was […]

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