The dream of Alejandra Cerón

Alejandra Cerón graduated from school and she was not sure about studying a new career. After hearing the comments about what the program was and the meaning of studying in Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, in her municipality (Guaitarilla), she decided to enroll in the program Professional Technician in Electrical Installations for Buildings.

“I was studying. As soon as I graduated from school, I waited one semester. During that semester, I heard some comments about the program: how was it like, how people felt, how were the classes, and how did they make it; and then I decided to join. I hadn’t done it before because I was studying a catechism and I wasn’t allowed to go on Saturdays.” Now, she recognizes that she feels happy, without regrets, because without the existence of this educational institution, she believes that she would be only working, thinking about cooking, or earning much less money.

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