Minuto de Dios in Guaitarilla

In a constant and vigorous struggle, with hardworking and dreamy people has become the day to day of Cristian Erazo, who has seen how, in almost two years the municipality of Guaitarilla, located in the department of Nariño, has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to a dream educational project.

It is the incursion of Corporación Universitaria Minuto de DIos – Uniminuto – to the region, thanks to the support of SOLREIR Foundation; Solidarity, Love and Service, from Carlos Alberto Solarte Solarte group. Currently, Cristian is administrative coordinator of the Guaitarilla Tutorial Center which will soon become a modern, innovative university campus.

He is one of the teachers who has seen this project grow. At first, he says, it was a bit difficult because the Uniminuto brand had to be established in the region: “we had to visit surrounding municipalities, areas around the municipality of Guaitarilla, but over time, this process has come to a happy term”. At first, there were only 20 students in one program. Currently, there are 160. Cristian says that it is important to highlight two aspects: “The first aspect is quality. Uniminuto has an academic offer according to the needs of the region and guarantees a superior quality, like other institutions”. The second aspect is the economic possibility of accessing to the programs at a fair cost, depending on the payment capacity of the inhabitants of Guaitarilla and, in some cases, with help and incentive of the Municipal Mayor. Now, Cristian is at the expectation of the construction of the Carlos Alberto Solarte Solarte campus.

He says it will generate a great response in the region: “I dare say that this is going to be one of the projects that will have an economic, social and cultural impact because, through this campus, people from different regions will be welcomed, which is very beneficial for both the institution and the region.” There will be more offers, even professional careers.

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