Eliana Ceron’s dream

Her life changed when the Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios –Uniminuto – arrived in her village, the municipality of Guaitarilla, thanks to the alliance between the educational institution and the SOLREIR- Foundation, Solidarity, Love, and Service, of the Carlos Alberto Solarte Solarte group. Now, she is one of Uniminuto’s students who dream of studying languages and becoming an independent woman.

Eliana Marcela Cerón speaks happy and proud of how this educational opportunity can change her future and that of her countrymen: “Our people have been characterized by being very small. You can say that here they have come for short courses, but a university had never come.

That has been a total change, as much as for us, as for our entire community of Guaitarilla.” She believes that, with the construction of the new university campus Carlos Alberto Solarte Solarte, her municipality will become a university city; the economy, tourism will grow. It is a change that will incentivize other people from nearby municipalities to study and grow professionally. “The campus, as I was looking at the model, is a very nice construction. It is a suitable space to learn, to practice, to continue studying, to get ahead, not to stop for anything,” she says firmly.

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